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We are pleased to offer implant-retained dentures and bridges in The Woodlands, Texas, for patients who have missing dentition. Please call our office at 281-363-3308 if you have any questions on the following information. Drs. Scott, and Cope will be happy to discuss the full details and benefits of your care options during a consultation at Sterling Ridge Dental Center.

Our dentists may use an implant-supported bridge when more than one tooth is missing, and if our dentists are concerned that individual implants are not the best solution. Implant-supported bridges can help spread the pressure from the dental implants across the entire bridge, instead of focusing on specific areas. After the implants have time to fully heal and the metal framework is fitted, the rest of the bridge can be completed. Once it is done, our dentists will place it in your mouth and make sure that it is secure. You will be able to clean the area between your gums and the bridge; our dentists may recommend a special type of floss or a small brush for this type of cleaning. You should be able to chew normal food comfortably, and the bridge should look like the natural teeth it is replacing.

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