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One of the most highly effective restoration treatment options to protect your teeth is through the use of dental sealants. Dental sealant restoration treatments are designed to be painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth such as the premolars and molars. With reliable dental sealants in place, you are much less likely to suffer from damage due to harmful acids that chew through your tooth enamel, or from damage associated with food or debris and plaque buildup in your mouth.

Even though your tooth enamel is designed as an added layer of protection, it can be destroyed due to various causes, so the application of dental sealants is another further treatment to help protect the inner workings of your teeth. With dental sealants in place, your teeth have a much greater chance of lasting throughout your life.

In fact, studies have shown that dental sealants can be placed as soon as your molars begin to grow in, which is around the age of six. They are safe for children and have been shown to greatly lower your risk for cavities and tooth decay. The natural shine of dental sealants will not be covered, as dental sealants go on clear, so your dentist will be able to determine if there’s any underlying damage that is still occurring. They’re also durable so they can easily last over 10 years before an additional application may be required. Thanks to the use of dental sealants, you will have another oral health care weapon at your disposal to protect your teeth should your oral hygiene begin to wane, or if your diet is not up to par.

Your smile and your oral health care can receive a boost with dental sealants. If you wish to visit the dental office of Sterling Ridge Dental Center in The Woodlands, Texas, you can book an exam by calling us at 281-363-3308. Dr. Kevin Scott and our entire team look forward to providing you with the dental sealant treatments you need.