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Dental fractures can range in severity from minor chips in a tooth’s enamel layer, to a major dental trauma. Even in a case where the fractured tooth doesn’t cause immediate pain or sensitivity, you should still have it examined by one of our skilled dentists. Without timely and effective treatment, the compromised tooth enamel could gradually foster a severe cavity. If this happens, you may need a more intensive treatment.

After a brief examination which may include X-rays to determine the severity of the damage to the tooth, our dentist can recommend the most effective treatment plan. If the area of damaged tooth enamel is minor and only affects a small part of the tooth’s surface, we might be able to repair it by placing a dental filling.

A more significant dental fracture might not leave enough healthy tooth enamel to support a dental filling. Treating a severely distressed tooth might require a dental crown restoration or a root canal. A crown will replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate material. It can also protect the internal structures of your tooth from any future trauma.

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